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February 3, 2023
September 15, 2022

DevStride Completes $3.2M Financing

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Kansas City, Mo — DevStride, a revolutionary SaaS-based strategic project and portfolio management solution provider, announced today the completion of $3.2 million in pre-seed financing. Funding is led by Flyover Capital, a premier Kansas City-based investment firm focused on innovative entrepreneurs transforming industry in Middle America. The impressive pre-seed capital round, which includes a robust pool of co-investors, reflects DevStride’s strength and disruptive potential. This is a key milestone that will accelerate the build out of DevStride’s innovative capabilities. 

DevStride unifies strategic planning, project management, and reporting to transform the way organizations deliver value. The tool provides unique insights on work being performed through multiple lenses–not only by teams and projects, but also by objective, by client, by market, or any other significant data point. 

A “one-to-many” platform, DevStride is able to stand alone or complement existing technology solutions. Its streamlined approach allows fragmented tools, processes, and reporting scattered across an organization to be easily integrated in a simplified workspace. DevStride connects the dots at every level of the organization, accelerating work and super-charging timely insights.

Flyover’s partnership with DevStride at a time when investors are increasingly selective is a testament to DevStride’s value proposition. “Flyover’s focus is investing in exceptional, unrelenting technology leaders,” commented Phil Reynolds, CEO of DevStride. “Our team sees incredible potential for disruption and innovation with product teams who need strategic portfolio management. We are honored and thrilled that Flyover has chosen to partner with DevStride as we work to make these possibilities a reality.”

Flyover partner Dan Kerr commented, “DevStride is an ideal match for Flyover Capital, located in the heart of our target market, but also leveraging an exceptional global team. We’re delighted to support Phil and the DevStride team as they apply their extensive experience with agile development to build a platform with revolutionary capabilities.”

Demand for visibility and alignment of work with business priorities has never been greater.  A shaky global financial outlook and a post-pandemic workforce keep an increasingly sharp focus on value. Organizational leaders are seeking greater delivery assurance and risk mitigation throughout the project lifecycle. DevStride provides that focus to organizational leaders and contributors alike, leveling up project and portfolio performance to achieve more than ever before.

About DevStride

Product teams have a need to keep work aligned with shifting business priorities. Leaders have the challenge of understanding the true state of the work. DevStride was conceived by agile practitioners and technology leaders, Kujtim Hoxha, Aaron Saloff, and Phil and Chastin Reynolds. They have lived these challenges and understand the need for clarity that other tools have been missing. The team built a solution that aligns strategy and execution, reduces fragmentation, and improves delivery. DevStrides provides immediate answers to complex questions, so that even the most complex organizations have a clear path to better outcomes.

Tired of guessing, failing, and losing time to rework?
Contact DevStride at info@devstride.com

About Flyover Capital

Flyover Capital is a venture capital firm whose mission is to create the next generation of technology success stories outside of the traditional tech hubs of Silicon Valley and the Northeast corridor. Founded in 2014, Flyover Capital invests in seed and early-stage technology companies located in “flyover country” of the United States. Flyover Capital partners with entrepreneurs, corporations, universities, and venture capital firms who are transforming the heartland’s largest industries through technology. For more information, please visit www.flyovercapital.com.

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