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Our passion comes from experience building enterprise software and needing our own DevStride. For two decades we searched for a tool that could help us oversee work across multiple delivery teams. In those 20 years, not a single provider solved this problem. Now, we're that solution.

Phil Reynolds - CEO - DevStride agile project management
Phil Reynolds

Phil is responsible for strategy, organization, culture, and operations at DevStride. He is passionate about building great teams and innovative products that deliver value for customers, partners, and shareholders. Phil is also the Chairman of his previous company BriteCore and has 20 years of experience building and leading enterprise SaaS companies.

Chastin Reynolds - CMO - DevStride agile project management
Chastin Reynolds

Chastin leads Devstride’s global marketing efforts, including demand generation, branding, product marketing, and communications. She previously served as the CMO of BriteCore where she grew the business from $1.7m to $26m in revenue over 6 years.

Kujtim Hoxha - CTO - DevStride agile project management
Kujtim Hoxha

Kujtim leads DevStride's technical strategy and execution program. He explores emerging technologies, assesses their impact on the company’s business, prototypes and evaluates new concepts, and recommends new strategies and solutions. He was previously Engineering Director at BriteCore responsible for full stack teams across 28 enterprise products.

Aaron Saloff - CPO - DevStride agile project management
Aaron Saloff

Aaron leads DevStride’s product organization, spanning product management, user experience, frontend software development and documentation. He was previously the Frontend Architect at BriteCore where he led ground up design and implementation of complex fintech systems.

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We're huge champions of agile team success. We provide a wide variety of solutions and services to help you get the best out of your DevStride experience. We're here for you whether you need technical expertise, advice on agile best practices, or implementation assistance and support.

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