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By Engineers for Engineers

DevStride is a project management solution designed by software engineers for software engineers. Our vision is to establish an environment optimized for engineers, facilitating focused work without distractions or unwarranted barriers.

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Oh, did we mention every action in GitHub can trigger an automation in DevStride?

Efficient and Flexible

In pursuit of our objective, we leveraged our software engineering expertise to develop a platform that caters to industry demands. We used our extensive understanding of the software development process to produce a project management and collaboration tool that is user-friendly, productive, and adaptable. We incorporate functionality that is uniquely geared towards meeting the requirements of engineers.

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Automation. Automation. Automation.

One of the key features of DevStride is its focus on automation and functionality. The platform is packed with tools and procedures that empower engineers to streamline their workflows and reduce the time and effort involved in completing tasks. This assortment of tools includes automated notifications, task assignment, organization, and an array of other features that expedite the development process and ensure top-notch outcomes.

One tool to rule them all

Our emphasis is on collaboration.

Another important aspect of DevStride is its emphasis on collaboration. The platform includes a range of features that make it easy for engineers to work together, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. Features like real-time collaboration tools, code review capabilities, and integrated communication channels, are just a few of the many.

DevStride was built by engineers for engineers.

DevStride for Executives

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    Single source of truth
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    Real-time analytics across streams
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    Powerful segmentation and filtering

DevStride for Managers

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    Dependency tracking
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    Automated cross-functional reporting

DevStride for Contributors

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    Seamless integration with GitHub
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    Story Point and Effort Point Estimations
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    Custom automations
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