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DevStride Project Management Overview

Agile Frameworks

Choose a framework that’s right for you, or customize any of the existing frameworks supported.

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Plan and track work according to the Portfolio Scaled Agile Framework

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Product portfolio management of continuous, full lifecycle development and support

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Reduce process cycle times by calculating duration, limiting WIP, and managing flow.

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Iterative delivery with support for time-boxed development and ordered backlog management

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Do something extraordinary. Inspire your team by turning strategies into compelling narratives people relate to! Share who you are, what you do, and how you deliver value to customers. Extend on that mission to help employees understand how they fit into the strategy and contribute to success. Afterall, processes and tools matter, but people working together matters more.

DevStride Inspire Dashboard
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Work together, succeed together. Collaborate in real-time or on-your-own-time using video, comments, threads, and attachments. Respond quickly using your favorite emojis or integrate with other productivity-boosting apps:

> Sync code updates with Github

> Chat across the organization with Slack

> Brainstorm on digital whiteboards using Miro

DevStride Collaborate Dashboard


Create a strategic, hierarchical map of your work.
Align work to strategy. Devstride houses work items in folders organized around business and technology objectives. Folders are independent of project management cycles, and provide a flexible mechanism to group work around value streams. Arrange and rearrange folders as your business evolves over time and automatically receive updated analytics on the progress, health, and ROI of any objective in your organization.

DevStride Organize Dashboard for Project Programs and Portfolios
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Create a sequential map of your work. 

Plan what you do. Visualize large objectives and milestones with folder-based roadmaps. Map team availability, capacity, and cost over time. Create work cycles and assign work items to intervals. Estimate effort using proven methodologies that account for both range and confidence. Clearly and efficiently align stakeholders around a centralized plan everyone can see and trust.

DevStride Sprint Planning Dashboard
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Do what you plan. Track work items as they move through KanBan boards. Manage throughput with automation and WIP limiters. Track time for every task in the cycle and see the relationship between actual and estimated effort. Easily view assignee, description, discussion threads, assets, labels, and tracking values for every item in your cycle. Immediately filter any view by any value to quickly segment work. Ready to get shit done?

DevStride Project Management Kanban Board
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Tying all work together from beginning to end is what sets DevStride apart from others and gives our Analyze module an edge. Experience the power of flexible, real-time, automated reports that allow you to slice, visualize, and interpret data any way you want. Soon, you’ll be able to answer even the most difficult project and program questions directly from your saved dashboards.

DevStride Analyze Report for Project Estimations

Work smarter, work faster

Teach teams better ways of working and empower employees to do their best work. Infuse every project, program, and portfolio with transparency and accountability to boost engagement, minimize waste, and optimize productivity.

Make Value-Driven Decisions

Enable better decisions and long-term sustainability by making value streams part of your prioritization processes and rubrics. Leverage better insights to successfully prioritize and complete focused initiatives, expedite delivery, and realize value. Rapidly respond to disruption, and increase innovation from lab to launch.

Innovate at the speed of business

Setting the pace for ongoing innovation and transformation is as simple as it is challenging: structured agility. It requires relentless guidance, diligence and a splash of employee autonomy. To achieve maximum agility, DevStride helps teams reliably, consistently, and essentially organize, plan, analyze, and optimize work.