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Notifications are crucial to keep team members informed about important updates, deadlines, and milestones, which helps to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget

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The DevStride Difference

DevStride's workspaces and notifications work together to help teams stay focused, organized, and informed. By bringing together diverse data sources, comments, files, and activities, workspaces provide a central hub for value delivery, collaboration, and management.

A central hub for collaboration

Workspaces are designed to make it easy for teams to collaborate and manage work items and value streams. By unifying people, tools, and resources in one place, workspaces remove complexity and help teams focus on delivering value.

Share the knowledge

Notifications in DevStride help keep teams informed about important updates and activities that occur within workspaces, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and can act on new information quickly.

Auto-magic updates

Notifications are generated automatically based on events that occur within workspaces, such as new comments, file uploads, code changes, and more. By providing real-time updates and alerts, notifications ensure that everyone is on the same page and can act on new information quickly.

Audit logs for days

Activity logs provide comprehensive audit trails. View detailed audit logs of every action taken on an item. Filter and search logs quickly. Perfectly audit the history of an item and quickly zero in on specific data points to answer meaningful questions.

A clean and organized virtual office

Notification center

Stay informed about important updates without being overwhelmed by irrelevant notifications. Customize and prioritize notifications based on your own preferences. Select which notifications you want to receive and how you want to receive them so you can be more efficient and effective with your collaboration.

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    All notifications in one convenient location
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    Customize how you receive notifications
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    Filter notifications for easy retrieval
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    Use tags and comments to send real-time notifications

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More Features at a High Level

DevStride for Executives

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    Single source of truth
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    Real-time analytics across streams
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    Powerful segmentation and filtering

DevStride for Managers

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    Dependency tracking
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    Automated cross-functional reporting

DevStride for Contributors

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    Seamless integration with GitHub
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    Story Point and Effort Point Estimations
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    Custom automations
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