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DevStride automates and simplifies common project management tasks. Our tools are integrated into the DevStride platform, providing teams with an efficient way to manage their projects, faster.

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The DevStride Difference

Automations are our secret weapon for increased productivity. DevStride's automations help teams save time, reduce errors, and improve overall project outcomes by automating routine tasks and providing insights into project performance.

Task scheduling

DevStride automates task scheduling based on the project timeline and resource availability. This helps ensure that tasks are completed on time and that team members are not overburdened.

Allocating resources

DevStride's resource allocation automation ensures that resources are allocated appropriately throughout the project lifecycle, reducing the risk of delays or bottlenecks.

Faster & better communication

DevStride's communication automations make it easy for team members to collaborate and stay on the same page throughout the project. This includes automated notifications, reminders, and updates.

Automated report? Why not.

DevStride's reporting and analytics automations provide real-time insights into project progress and performance, allowing teams to make data-driven decisions and adjust course as needed.

Automate to elevate.

Take the work out of work

DevStride's AI-powered smartstreams can auto-generate the creation workstreams, work items, and descriptions. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, DevStride can analyze existing data points, such as task titles and notes, to generate accurate and detailed descriptions automatically.

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    Save time creating work item descriptions
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    Generate accurate and detailed descriptions automatically
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    Consistently described work item requirements.
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    Improve overall productivity and efficiency

Embrace the future of work with automations.
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More Features at a High Level

DevStride for Executives

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    Single source of truth
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    Real-time analytics across streams
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    Powerful segmentation and filtering

DevStride for Managers

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    Dependency tracking
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    Automated cross-functional reporting

DevStride for Contributors

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    Seamless integration with GitHub
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    Story Point and Effort Point Estimations
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    Custom automations
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