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Benefits & Features

Together, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone. DevStride makes it easy for teams to work together towards common goals.

DevStride - Settings
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Lead teams to success. Build a shared context for how value is delivered across your organization. Base decisions and success on context provided by strategy.

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Drive action throughout the company. Work closely with engineering, sales, marketing, and support to ensure business cases and customer satisfaction goals are met.

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Synchronize GitHub updates so everyone can view Pull Requests (PR), PR Statuses, PR Counts, PR Review Statuses, and Passing or Failing Checks in DevStride.

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Build better business resilience using timely insight. Measure performance across any segment to accurately assess the progress and state of work.


House work in workstreams so you can see what's going on across the organization. Use workstreams to group work into business units or value streams. Easily arrange and rearrange streams as your business evolves over time. Immediately view updates on downstream analytics to assess the progress, health, and ROI of any initiative.

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    Align organizations to accelerate growth
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    Organize work around business goals
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    Automate analytics to give you foresight
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    Increase business value derived from initiatives
DevStride agile project management - Feature - Map Module


Bring all your tools and resources together into a centralized workspace that promotes discovery, collaboration, and consistently up-to-date information. Let go of anything that fails to add value or mitigate risk inside your organization.

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    Reduce complexity and fragmentation
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    Increase visibility and alignment
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    Consolidate tools, processes, and workflows
DevStride agile project management - Feature - Integrated Workspace


Create and communicate meaningful roadmaps that align with your vision. Set clear expectations, requirements, and benchmarks for success using integrated Workspaces. Prioritize products and features using stack ranking. Include sufficient context for cross-functional counterparts including discussions, assets, and even code. Reference the roadmap to drive conversations, make decisions, and communicate progress.

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    Connect high-level themes to strategy
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    Increase clarity and confidence
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    Reduce anxiety and uncertainty
DevStride agile project management - Feature - Roadmap View

70% of projects fail to achieve
intended outcomes


Plan confidently with cycles, capacity management, estimation, and time tracking. Increase consistency using automation, forecasting, and WIP limiting. Keep integrated roadmaps up-to-date by accurately reflecting work in progress. Compare estimates to actuals using proven methodologies that account for both range and confidence.

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    Increase confidence and trust
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    Prioritize work based on value
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    Deliver value consistently to stakeholders
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    Increase satisfaction and grow revenue
DevStride agile project management - Feature - Work Cycles


Collect work from across the organization into unified Kanban boards. Track initiatives as they move through stages. Manage throughput with automation and WIP limiters. Track time for every task in the cycle and see the relationship between actual and estimated effort. Easily view assignee, description, discussion threads, assets, labels, and tracking values for every item in your cycle. Immediately filter any view by any value to quickly segment work.

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    View work from multiple streams in one board
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    Track and compare estimated to actual work
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    View progress across any segment of work
DevStride agile project management - Feature - WIP Limiter

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High Level Features

DevStride for Executives

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    Single source of truth
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    Real-time analytics across streams
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    Powerful segmentation and filtering

DevStride for Managers

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    Dependency tracking
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    Automated cross-functional reporting

DevStride for Contributors

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    Seamless integration with GitHub
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    Story Point and Effort Point Estimations
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    Custom automations
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